Vision Lab, the pioneer in AI, is the bridge that links imagination and creativity.
Users can manage, distribute rights, edit, share and make profit with ease
(no third party needed).

Magic AI - Magic World

Leading in providing AI services and solutions to global users.

Realizing the dreams of millions global application developers to create AI integral apps and websites with ease.
Technology center advanced in developing Generative AI products in text, image, video and voice in order to meet the demands of users on regular basis, work and entertainment swiftly and budget-friendly.

AI Magic tools

Generate videos using text, images and video clips.

Virtual assistant

Create content, filter and compile information at one's disposal.

AI Voice Generator

Text-to-speech, music generator, voice alteration, etc.

Easily turn ideas into images

Generate images, expand pictures, convert styles, etc with simple description.

Creator Hub

Ignite your creative spark

Bring value

  • CreatorHub provides creators with effective tools in creating, editing, managing, decentralizing and sharing right on one single platform.
  • Integrating lastest AI technology with various and unique styles.
  • We possess the most effective and high-end video templates in real time for creators to explore.
  • Solely drag and drop to create videos with our smooth, swift and fully-equipped features editing tools.

Creator Hub

  • 50+ AI style.
  • 300+ unique video effect.
  • 500+ soundtracks.
  • 1000+ trending video templates.


Hundreds of products approach users worldwide.