About us

Apero Technologies Group is a diversified company in technology field. We always aim for the essence in managing human and product quality.


Apero Technologies Group operates with the vision and mission toward true development of human kind.

Build high quality technology products that help billions users worldwide work and entertain effectively.
Nurish a technology ecosystem that has billions monthly active users. Apero possess the vision to become a unicorn in the technology field by 2027.

core value

Core values that we pursue is the moral compass for all the developing activities of the group.

“Stay hungry, stay foolish"
Ambitious, always pushing to conquer higher goals. Never stop exploring and doing the impossible
RUN Global
“Creations for billions"
Always creating high-tech products, trusted by the whole world and becoming one of the leading technology ecosystem in the wolrd
Tech - product Driven
“Superior quality tech product"
Taking customers as the center, constantly improving and optimizing products. Pioneering in providing and applying advanced technologies to create brand new and effective entertainment and working experiences

Daily Culture

The daily culture characteristic that creates the Apero Warrior quality

Frankly "Extremist"

Tell the truth what you see, what you witness, whether it is good or bad. Be upfront, constructive with the right people (do not submit to power). Must be honest with yourself, do not hide ignorance.


Human is set to be the priority in all activities, decisions and actions of us. We lay our awareness on the development of Aperans and take actions to achieve that.

6N warrior

Front-line culture, active determination, capabilities and actions of Aperans.

Drawing the elephant

Detailed, meticulous, structured, clearly designed with enough information dimensions for effective planning and communication.

High-goal achiever

Always possess passion and ambition to move forward. Set clear short-term and long-term goal and strategy for oneself and his team. Work hard, play hard and never say never.

Quality (detail obssession)

Show no neglect to details in action and inspection of work, products and team to meet clients' demands and achieve business goals from individual teams and the whole company.


Apero Technologies Group is honored to be recognized by Google as the ‘Outstanding Company in Business Development and Expansion’ in the Asia-Pacific region in 2022
Top 3 in Asia and top 20 in the world
Top 3 in Asia and top 20 in the world in Sensor Tower's ranking of non-gaming (non-gaming) app developers - an organization that tracks the global mobile apps market.


200+ global companies become partners of Apero Technologies Group with trust.